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Instanzierte Schlachten (IB) & Belagerung in LiF:MMO[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Instanced Battle (or IB) is a Life is Feudal: MMO in game mechanic that allows Guilds to fight each other away from the open world.

In order to start a battle, the attacking guild should craft a special ‘Challenge’ monument (or Battle Totem) and place it on the defending guild or kingdom’s land. After that, both guild/kingdoms have approximately 24 real-life hours to prepare and get as many players as they can to use this monument and enlist on their side.

Once the battle starts, the Battle Totem caps a number of players on one of the sides to prevent very advantageously ‘zerging’ (x3 players amount advantage is the maximum). Participants are then moved into the instanced area, which is stripped of any buildings, objects, and terraforming, leaving only natural foliage and water in the battle area.

The rules of the battle are quite simple - be the King/Queen of the hill (the area in the center of the map, placed slightly closer to the defending armies side) or you will also be able to eliminate all players of the opposing side.

The winner of the battle gets all the equipment of the losing army that was dropped on the ground during the battle and the losing guild’s monument sustains damage. The damage can even degrade the monument and significantly shrink the radius of the claimed lands around it. Along with the damaged monument, the losers also lose the ability to issue battle challenges for the next 3 real-life days. In order to enter an Instanced Battle with another Guild, the Guild Leader has to do the following:

  • Issue a war declaration against the targeted Guild.
  • raft a Battle Totem on a Siege Engineer Workshop.
  • Deploy the Battle Totem on the enemy claim.

For testing purposes the Battle Totem currently costs only 1 Building Log, the timer to start a Battle is just 1 hour and the claims don't take any penalty if they lose the Battle.

References[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Das Belagerungssystem zielt weniger darauf ab, gegenerische Spieler zu verletzen, sondern eher gegnerische Gebäude und Objekte zu beschädigen und zerstören. Daneben gibt es aber auch Belagerungsgeräte die beides nicht können und nur eine Unterstützung für die eigene Fraktion im Kampf darstellen (z.B. Sturmleitern oder Schutzwände). Trotzdem ist es möglich z.B. mit anderen Geschossen feindliche Charaktere zu verletzen oder zu töten.

Belagerungswaffen werden in der Regel mit der Fertigkeit Belagerungsgerätebau hergestellt. Mit der Fertigkeit Kampfvorbereitung werden Kampfunterstützende Gegenstände hergestellt, wie etwa das Zelt oder der Pfeilständer, welcher eher ein Element der verteidigung ist.

Belagerungswaffen[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Bild Name Fertigkeit Werkzeug Gerät Materialien
No icon.png Schutzwände Belagerungsgerätebau: 0 Hammer keins Balken
10× Leinenseil
No icon.png Sturmleiter Belagerungsgerätebau: 0 Hammer keins 30× Hartholzbrett
80× Nägel
Trebuchet.png Tribok Belagerungsgerätebau: 0 Hammer keins Großer Kriegsgerätesatz
Mittlerer Kriegsgerätesatz
No icon.png Rammbock Belagerungsgerätebau: 30 Hammer keins 20× Balken
18× Stahlbarren
20× Leinenseil
Tent.png Zelt Belagerungsgerätebau: 90 Hammer keins Großer Kriegsgerätesatz
Tent blue.png Verziertes Belagerungszelt Belagerungsgerätebau: 100 Hammer keins Großer Kriegsgerätesatz
Arrow stand.png Pfeilständer Bogenschütze: 0 keins keins Kleiner Kriegsgerätesatz
No icon.png Krähenfüße Kampfvorbereitung: 0 keins keins ,× [[]]
Defensive stand.png Spanischer Reiter Plänkler: 0 keins keins Kleiner Kriegsgerätesatz

Tribok[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]


Der Tribok wird mit der Fertigkeit Belagerung (Fertigkeit) bedient. Man sollte ebenfalls ein hohes Maß an Intelligenz haben, um den Tribok zu bedienen, das beeinflusst nämlich das Trefferbild.

Munition[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Bild Name Fertigkeit Werkzeug Gerät Materialien
Stone ammo.png Steinmunition Baustoffvorbereitung: 0 Spitzhacke keins 60× Stein
Naphtha barrel.png Naphtha Fass Belagerung: 30 keins keins 50× Naphtha
48× Nägel
Kleine Bretter
Naphtha nail barrel.png Naphtha Nagelfass Belagerung: 30 keins keins 50× Naphtha
150× Nägel
Kleine Bretter

Handwaffen gegen Gebäude[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

Bild Name Fertigkeit Werkzeug Gerät Materialien
Sapper charge.png Sprengfass Belagerung: 60 Holzhammer keins 10× Brandladung
Kleiner Kriegsgerätesatz
Naphtha pot.png Feuerwerkstopf Belagerungsgerätebau: 0 keins keins Naphtha
Naphtha pot.png Naphtha Granate Belagerungsgerätebau: 0 keins keins Naphtha
Fire arrow.png 10× Feuerpfeil Bogenbau: 30 Messer keins Federn
Fire arrow.png Feuerwerksbolzen Bogenbau: 30 Messer keins Metallband
Fireworks arrow.png 10× Feuerwerkspfeil Bogenbau: 60 Messer keins Metallband

FAQ zum Thema[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]

189. Sieges will be instancied but it will possible to construct building during a siege?

Answer: We want to keep sieges uninstanced, but in any case, we will not allow to construct capital buildings during sieges. Only to repair buildings and place some siege related stuff (trebuchets, sapper charges, siege ladders etc)

190. What about digging during the siege? (I think it will be allowed just for mining and weapon supplying but i prefer asking)

Answer: It will be allowed.

191. What about destruction at this end of the siege? The defender town will "pop" destroyed if they lose?

Answer: Only monument will pop. So attackers will be able to place their own monument and reclaim the city.

192. During a siege, on the world server, how will appear the defender town? - Nothing special, it's a void castle/town - Nobody can enter in - A special animation /pop up for be warn about siege is on the way

Answer: Again, if the siege will NOT be instanced (as we want it), then everyone will see the siege as it goes and will be able to join as the third party or to backstab someone. If we will have to make sieges instanced, then we will probably lock the areas somehow.

193. For devs, human-climbing and horse-climbing (over a wall) is a fair mecanic or a "bug-exploit"? This mecanism do a lot of debate within player. I think a clarification from you will be really constructive for all the community.

Answer: I think it is a feature. :) The same as it is feature in Counter Strike. But we plan to implement siege ladders sooner or later that will be more suitable to get over the walls.

194. Same question about crate's overlap. (Indeed, as ladders aren't implanted this two methods are almost the only way to go on a castle so... last question :)

Answer: Same answer.

195. When will you think implant siege weaponry as ladder and ram? :D

Answer: Early 2017[2]

413. Are you able to give us any details yet on how siege mechanics will work?

That is a long story really. But in few words we plan it to be as it was in Shadowbane and somewhat in Darkfall with a few tweaks. Tweaks like possibility to shift the window of opportunity for sieges start times, possibility of sapping under walls during stand off phase and so on.[3]

References[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]