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Eingeborene sind unterirdisch lebende Ureinwohner des Hauptkontinents, sie spawnen zufällig in Minen und Tunneln.

  • Hinweis: Dieses Spielelement ist momentan noch nicht implementiert.

Erste Artworks und Informationen sind im Dev-Blog 11[1] und 12[2] zu finden.

Aus dem Interview[3] mit Vladimir Piskunov geht folgendes hervor:

  • Frage: "Do you intend to add some PvE elements to Life is Feudal MMO at some point? I know your game doesn’t have traditional mobs, but maybe something like hostile human NPC invaders to shake things up once in a while."
  • Bobik: "We plan to add some pygmy like native residents in our world. They will dwell mostly in subterranean caves and tunnels and some of them will have some primitive villages on the surface. I doubt that they will ever raid someone, but these villages can be good PvE spots."
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Subterranean native residents of the main continent. Will randomly appear and settle in player-owned mines and tunnels.

  • Not yet implemented.
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